Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh KnittleHo, Where Are You??

You're knitting, aren't you? I'm still waiting for my yarn, which only goes to prove how far procrastination will get you. In my defense, I was seriously overwhelmed by the task of choosing colors.

I pulled out some other yarn yesterday just to try the pattern for Clue #1 (is it really a clue if they just *give* you the pattern? There was no deductive reasoning required.). The pattern seems simple enough, assuming I was getting all the increases done right. It looks good, too, which is a plus. *And* I've never knit on the diagonal, so whiz-bang, I've already learned something new! So far, so good, and all that without any yarn yet.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

First of all, I just found this on the internets:

Knit´tle (n.)
1. A string that draws together a purse or bag.

Proof that we're legit, as if we needed it.

I'm still having a tough time getting serious about knitting anything, so I'm going to cheat and post this picture, which is something I completed over Christmas and which you've already seen:

Robert's ironic scarf

I say it still counts. Here's the stripe-a-licious bag, which was my first felting project. I carry it everywhere and tell total strangers, "Hey, I made this!" I do like felting. I'm sure you both recognize the kitty paws lurking along the sidelines:

I bought this book with my 25% off birthday Borders gift certificate, w00t! It has a lot of cute patterns in it, and I'm going to make the purse pictured here for a friend of mine.

I bought the yarn for it yesterday--it's not exactly what was pictured, but close. It's a herringbone pattern, which fortunately doesn't require too much attention. Ryder and Smokey have been very helpful with all my knitting projects, as you can see.

And that's all the knitting news for now. Not much, I must say, but there ya go. Knit on, gals!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tits for Tats

Okay, so these aren't exactly knitted, but fuuuunny, don't you think?

Is anybody out there knitting? I knit, then I frog what I knitted, then I knit again.
It's a cruel cycle.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Have a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Third Birqa

This Knittle Ho is now posting her birqa (so much more sophisticated than scarf). She obtained a model who had just been to the Ansel Adam exhibit to pose for it. Now, this particular model said she actually quit smoking in 1985, but the whole day made her feel so artsy and the birqa made her feel so, well, anonymous, that she opted for the unlit prop. It may be a very interesting winter.

Albuquerque Ho Avoids Chores By Blogging

I know winter is coming because I've been spending way too much time perusing knitting books and web sites and plotting my next projects (after the at-least-three unfinished projects that are staring at me right now). By the by, Jenn, looking at knitting patterns is what you do when your wrists & fingers have become so sore that you have to take a knitting break.

Anyhoo, I found this blog that has some really beautiful--and free!--scarf patterns on it (including a handsome one for the male species):

And I've become addicted to the Mason*Dixon Knitting book that I checked out from the library. The gals who wrote it are hysterical and include things like, "Places We Have Tried to Knit and Failed." As a Visually Disoriented Person*, I found it easy to read and not too overwhelming on the eyes. The patterns are beautiful and most don't look difficult--in fact, they really encourage the new knitter to step away from the scarves and try other projects. Looking at their blanket patterns got me thinking that sometime we might want to do a collective block blanket. We could choose a color scheme and each knit a certain number of blocks; as long as each block is the same size, we could use whatever stitch we wanted and then put it all together at the end.

I'm almost done with Zak's scarf, which is taking forever. It's too wide, but I'm sure he'll learn to live with that, right? Then I'll need to do Robert's which I'm going to make not-so-wide and probably not do seed stitch, either, since it's really starting to annoy me. I'd like to try doing the miniature socks and stockings from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but I think I'll need help from my SnB group for that. Good thing they're nice. I've never worked on double-pointed needles before, and some of the instructions made me scratch my head and say, "huh?"

What are you guys knitting right now?

*Visually Disoriented Person: a person who, when something is sitting right next to her, has to ask someone where it is because she can't see it. This happened to me yesterday. It's not a visual acuity thing, it's a visual processing thing. It's the same reason going into the Wal-Mart makes me twitch violently--too much to look at and process.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Can you make me a birqa? YES WE CAN!

Ms. Ho our projects are complete. Where is your birqa? and What's our next project?